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I'm Chyna Reche' (re-shay), a creative at heart, an introvert in nature who sees the world as collective moments and seasons that make us who we are. I've been on a healing journey, cultivating and healing my inner self. In doing that, I've longed for a place to just be, as a healing black millennial woman. I created this space to celebrate and log my own journey of cultivation in hopes that it will inspire more women to do the same.

Now more than ever, I realize that life is a gift and in it, we are constantly growing. It is the responsibility of our own to cultivate growth that buds positive things into the world rather than negative. Sometimes negative growth is unintended, as our past experiences and unhealed trauma keep us from doing so. For some time, I've worked to heal by rediscovering myself, fostering my creativity, and seeing the world through refreshed lenses. 


So, my friend, if you too are longing for a cozy creative dwelling to just belong, and possibly get some tools and inspiration for your own cultivation journey, you're welcomed here. Grab your favorite cup of joe (or tea, if that's your thing), and let's cultivate and grow together.


On my blog you can expect to see: 

  • self-care tips

  • a little bit of my own research on mental health (not a licensed mental health professional and any advice is purely my own opinion)

  • outlet inspirations (creative, traveling, health, etc.)

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